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Press Releases

•HHSYC, Slick Rick & the NYS Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators
•HHSYC - Stand up, speak out. End poverty
•Chelsea Now United Nation's Party article
•HHSYC & the NJ Nets launch the "Stars 4 the Yards" campaign!
•HHSYC continues their "Entertainment Business" program with Hip-Hop Icon Ralph McDaniels and the Persuaders
•Diddy & HHSYC in Philly receive the Liberty Bell
•Yung Joc & HHSYC visit Queens, NYC
•Cassie & HHSYC receive proclamation from the mayor of Hartford, CT for "Cassie Day"
•HHSYC & Green Bay Packers launch the "Touchdown 4 Success" program
•Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council Sponsors Successful Three Kings Day Celebration
•Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council Sponsors 2nd Annual Three Kings Day Celebration


•Kerner Report Summary
•Kerner Report Part 1
•Kerner Report Part 2
•Kerner Report Part 3
•Kerner Report Part 4
•Kerner Report Part 5
•Kerner Report Part 6
•State of the Decade Report
•Killing the Health and Wealth of Millenials
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